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Telcoma remote
Hi, I have Telcoma gate (Ace 401? not sure, see pictures) and I need to program another 433.9 mhz remote to it. How do I do that, do I need to disassemble it first? Also, are remotes for Rosh and Telcoma compatible?

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can you insert your fobs picture ?

and my advice to you ask someone or install your self one line of photocells !!
Best Regards 
Yeah photos are kinda bit but most forum engines handle attachments in a different way and don't try to insert them into message body automatically and in original size LOL Smile
Back to topis, original remotes are Damik Nice Zion series, D43TXS, I don't have a picture of them. I copied their code with my automotive locksmith equipment (which found them to be the same as Rosh remotes) and made a new remote which I need to pair with the gate module.
you have repeat programing the same as you did with first fob .
Best Regards 
Mate, what first job? I asked how to program the thing as I never done it before and there is no manual. Do you know how to do it?

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