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See here for programming instructions for remote controls before posting!
I will post instructions for the remote controls that we have, and this will be updated as we gather more instructions.

Please see the attachments.

Liftmaster 94330E, 94332E, 94333E, 94334E and 94335E remote controls:
.pdf   9433xe.pdf (Size: 689.82 KB / Downloads: 7,449)

Programming a Liftmaster Remote control into a garage door opener:

How to program remotes into the liftmaster CB11 control board (which comes with SUB kits and LYN 230V and SCS230V kits).

To program your remote to open both leafs, open the control panel ( Beware of mains wires ) and click CH1 on the board, then press the button on the remote you want to use to open both leafs. For a single leaf gate repeat the process but instead of pressing CH1, Press CH2 instead. For additional remotes repeat this process, leaving 5 seconds after each time you learn a remote.


How to program remotes into the liftmaster CB1 control board (which comes with pre 2006 SUB kits and LYN 230V and SCS230V kits). - EasyGates Home

EasyGates Manuals - Directory of Manuals and Help Guides

EasyGates Direct - Strictly trade only. Apply for an account today!
BFT Remote Control Instructions:

.pdf   CLONIX.pdf (Size: 1.91 MB / Downloads: 2,154)

.pdf   INTRIC-TRC-MITTO.pdf (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 2,630)

Programming a Mitto Remote control which hasnt got a 'secret button'

If you have a RIGEL 5 (with a screen on) Board, Go into the Menu by Pressing OK. Select RADIO by clicking the + and then clicking ok on RADIO. Click ADD by pressing OK. Press OK again. it will say Secret button, press both buttons on the remote at the same time. then press the button you want to use. Press + and - at the same time to exit the radio menu, and again to exit the main menu.

Or if you have a CLONIX Reciever, use the following instructions:

where it says press the 'secret button' instead, press both buttons on the remote control together.
Hiya, I have an old liftmaster single leaf gate opener, I have lost the instructons for it,
Originally I had 2 remotes but now only one so I need to get another.

I bought a cloner type one but it couldn't clone mine, also I have a remote from a newer opener but I can't remember how to program it.
My original remote is square and black with 1 large white button (looks like an arched doorway on it's side) and 2 smaller white buttons (round),
It doesn't have any l.e.d's on it,
Inside it has 2 x cr2016 batteries and a number: 093d0170,
It doesn't appear on your list of remotes that are compatible with your cloning remote.

Also I don't know how to program remotes to my control board,
I have 2 buttons marked P2 and P3 (no P1 but there is a space for it) with a green and a red led's near them.
and I have 2 buttons marked LT1 and LT2 with 2 red led's obove them marked LD1 AND LD2.
There is no "LEARN" button

Does anybody know what type of remote I need? And also how to program it in?,
Many thanks to anybody who can help as me and the Missus are fighting over the one remaining remote!
Cheers, Bill (mrblockpaving)

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