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BFT Gate issue
Hi, In your problem is the sensory fine cor in the motor, you have to adjust the opening angle of the sensory fine cor.

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I have the same issue in reverse, i.e. the first gate closes well in Summer but does not reach the stop in Winter. The other gate pushes it to the stop.
Reading the above comments, along with my personal experience with BFT, I believe their after sale service is inadequate to say the least.
This being out of my chest I am looking for explanations of the phenomenon. The gates have each an electric motor which are, my understanding, working as a function of time. The setting is the same for both motors. Let's say that one -for mechanical reasons- is slower than the other motor, the attached gate will travel less. Hence the issue.
To cure this problem, I have disassembled the chain which was rusted and the closings and openings are smoother (although there is some grinding noise which scares the hell out of me as the price of the whole mechanism is pretty expensive). But the issue remains.
Now, what about the oil mentioned previously. Has anybody an idea about its function?

Happy new year to all!Smile
strange noise , when the last maintenance was done ?
i recommend complete maintenance . you can do it yourself
clean all ,change the oil ,set new operation times

Happy new year
Best Regards 
Thank you Automatic-TC!
I suppose the noise correspond to either the worm gear missing a tooth (?) or the ball bearings being rusted.
I'll be conducting a complete overall as soon as the weather will cooperate! ;-)
I shall be reporting here the result of my actions.
The weather is slightly cooperating (30ºC). So, I dismantled one the gate mechanism and tested the chain once more. After cleaning it thoroughly I discovered that the rollers are completely seized! I don't even think that the second mechanism is in better condition. Therefore I am looking for two new chains. BFT is not selling them. It seems that only one seller ( has the item in their catalog at the price of £33.60 each. This is way too much, I think, for a low quality (not motorbike chain quality) chain. I am listening to any suggestion as where to find a better price.
Second point of interest: it seems that the chain is used and being positioned in an horizontal plan, the slack (sideways) of the chain makes it conflicting at times between the chain flange and the sprocket, hence slowing the whole rotation leading to the issue mentioned at the beginning of my posts. I believe that a new chain should solve this issue. If necessary I'll find a way to prevent this to happen.
Thanks. I'll keep you posted.

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