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Installing Nice photo sensors MC424
(13-02-2021, 12:00 PM)pembers Wrote: Hi, Sorry for my late reply RyanB.

Took the cover off and took a photo, my apologies its not a 424 but a 824 control unit.

The wiring wasn't done by me, just to let you know! lol

Is it a case of moving a couple of wires to get the 'gates stopping when the sensors are broken on the close only'?

Cheers for your help!

[Image: GT59xq1.jpg]
 Any help to my question would be most appreciated, 
I want the gates to stop (when the photocells beam is broken) only when closing and not opening.
cheers Ian

Thank you for the image. Assigning a direction to the photocells on this panel is different to others as they are digital photocells and do not have specific inputs, they all go into the same terminal.

You will need to remove both the covers on the photocells. Pop the black front cover off by using a screwdriver, then unscrew the front part of the case of to reveal the photocell underneath.


The photocell has a two jumpers shown in the image above. These need to be configured like the image below. This is required on both the RX and TX photocell for the pair you would like to activate only when the gate is closing.


Once this has been done you will need to re-learn the photocells to the panel which is a simple thing to do. Press the OPEN and STOP/SET buttons (left and middle out of the 3) together until the L1 and L2 LEDs start to flash. Once they start to flash release the buttons. When the LEDs stop flashing the photocells have been addressed. Open and close your gates blocking the photocells to test they are working as you would like them to.
RyanB - thank you once again.
So to clarify, the 2x jumpers are both 'in' on both the RX and TX?

To get the Photocells to work in the close only, they need to be wired into the Bluebus, then on the photocells themselves, the jumpers need both be in the horizontal position.

Once this is done press and hold Stop & Set and Open for 2-3 seconds and that will relearn the photocells in.

Hope this helps.
Great stuff cheers,
Just popped on of the covers off, and took a quick pic.......
[Image: y0bcsoW.jpg]

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