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Proteco installation in Torquay, Devon
I bought a Proteco Advantage 240v kit a few years ago and thought I might be able to install them myself. I'm fairly proficient with electronic/electrical circuits but the instructions and diagrams are in Italian with broken English annotations which I don't have much confidence in. I'm completely out of my depth and nobody I've asked so far want's to get involved so the kit has remained in it's box ever since. Do I need to find a Proteco specialist or will any automated gate installer be able to install this thing?
Thanks for your help, James
Hi James,
I have Proteco gear & also had pbs e.g. terrible English instructions, I'm useless at wiring anything outside basic mains & no Proteco specialist within 200 miles so I asked local electrician to do what he could rather than leave it all in box. He had gates up & running within 1 hour and they've operated perfectly since. True, programming the remotes wasn't easy & they're still not right but least they open/close the gates.
Hope the above helps
Hi John,
Thanks for your reply - it helps a lot. I did have one electrician take a look - he came around and peered into the box but then pretty much ran away into the hills screaming. Your experience however has made me think that perhaps I was just unlucky.

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