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automated gate advice
hi folks

just a quick question, i live on a courtyard housing developement consisting of 12 houses. we currently have electric gate controlled by a key fob, but what we are looking to do is find a company to install a proximity card reader to the gates. here is the interesting bit we also have a mangement company who take care of the maintanence of the courtyard including the gates now some people on the courtyard aint the greatest of payers of the couryard costs so what we are looking into is a kind of pay as you go system, eg if a household hasnt paid there management fee we can disable there proximity card until they pay.

Can any one help us out? any adivce or experience would be great!

kind regards

Hi, Where abouts are you? we can install that but we are based in the west midlands and only really cover that area. if you let me know where you are then we can recommend sombody to you.

We can supply a proximity reader and cards (or tags) to suit your needs which will be able to disable when you want to.

For more information please call us on 0845 054 5070 and we will be able to discuss your best solution.

Thanks - EasyGates Home

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