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FAAC400 issues after oil top up
I have a single leaf Faac400 CBAC (older style with oil filler underneath key lock) opener on a 5 bar gate.  All has been working fine for about 4 years.   I decided to check and top up the hydraulic oil in the unit.

After topping up i have an issue where the gate will open but stop halfway, and then won't initiate the motor to close the gate.  I've tried doing a "re-learn" but even when in learning mode the gate stops halfway open, and then when i exit learning mode, the gate won't shut.

Would i be right in thinking I maybe have an issue with the pressure/anti-crush screws? or air in the system?  or something else?

from what I can see, and based on the gate working up until my filling with oil, the electronics (Faac450D) are working as they should.

thanks in advance

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FAAC400 issues after oil top up - by lemsip81 - 14-10-2019, 04:33 PM

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