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Encoder Error!2 (ZM3EZ with ATS-P5)
Hey Everyone, 

Before I hire someone to help I figured it was worth asking. I recently purchased ZM3EZ with ATS-P5 system and fitted it myself. It was manageable task due old automation system so I have the wires running to right places. Everything is setup and limit switches set (took me a while to figure out). And the TEST MOT set up correctly opens the gates. The final set up is Set Encoder, which should open and close the gates however it runs Close 1, then Close 2, then Open 2 and throws the error Error!2 - to test if it one of the motors causing the problem I switch M1 & M2 round but this followed the same process then errored. It's worth noting the gates barely open and close during the process. 

The manual says: "error!1 or Error!2 during adjustment: check proper connection of encoder and that device is working properly

I don't know where the encoder is, it in each Motor or is on the control board. When the kit arrived the transformer had snapped off and was laying on the control board so could be damage from that?

Any help to point me in what to do next would be much appreciated.

I've done some reading and understand the encoders are in the motors. As short term measure I've set the control board work just using limit switches in motors, bit of rough close but it allows gates to be used if needed. I noticed on guide I got there is no mention of wiring into Encoder A (+E-) and Encoder B (+E-) on the control board but I notice in manual there is mention of wiring to those. 

So my question is there meant to 3 wires or 6 wires from each motor to control board? For example I currently use UVW for M1 and don't have anything in +E-. 


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