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Problems with Came gates
Hi Everyone,

New member and just came across this forum when trying to google a solution to my annoying problem. I have a Came system for my gates and for a long time now (especially during the winter months) they work intermittently. At the moment the gates close ok every time but intermittently when I open them, the left hand gate either doesn't open at all or it opens about 1 foot then stops. When I flip the stuck gate to manual it opens smoothly and then both will close fine again when using the remote. This is a real nightmare when the left hand gate doesn't open at all as the right hand gate then can't open either as it can't pass the left one, this has resulted in having to climb over the gates on a couple of occasions to get in.

It can work fine for days with both gates opening and closing fine then it starts again with the left gate sticking and this can happens for days before it suddenly starts working again.

I have tried opening it up, clearing everything of insects/debris, spraying everything with WD40 but no joy. When I flip it to manual it's as if a magnet is released as it jumps and then opens and closes smoothly with nothing impeding it. It is just the arm itself which intermittently seems to seize on automatic.

Anyone any ideas, I have spikes on the top of the gates so last time I had to climb over it nearly ended in serious injury when I slipped!!


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