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Faac 455d
Hi hoping someone can help me. I tired to change the opening time on my control panel and  messed it up. I have looked at the manual and can seem to get the time to change and open. Trouble is when it open and closes the motor just keeps running. Its like it hasn't recognised that it has reached its stop position. I went onto tl pressed plus and gate opens. Pressed my remote at the  end of opening thought I had done it. When it shuts it doesn't recognise it is actually shut. Spent two hours trying to work out.  Can anyone help please?

It may be worth trying to re-learn the limits for this motor. This is done by closing both leaves, --> enter BASIC PROGRAMMING --> select TIME LEARNING --> Then press the + button for 1 second. As soon as the leaves reach the opening contact point, give an OPEN command from your remote fob or pushbutton. Once you have done this, press push button F to exit and save programming.

However, it could possibly be a simple case of changing the opening time back to how it originally was. To me it looks like this has been changed which is telling the motors to operate for a longer amount of time which would cause the motor to keep running.

Many Thanks.

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