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Lost Password

Thanking you all in advance for taking the time

We have Videx 5 button wireless gate entry system connected to a beninca brain that functions normally however the password has been changed and lost unable to change or add any tel no's. it is connected to another box which the sim card is located in with a reset button but when pressed does nothing to reset the whole system back to factory.  Is the system reset from the button box or the sim box if so how would this be done The sim box has no manufacturing name on it please find attached pictures of the system hopefully it is solvable or a new purchase is required but which one do i replace buy the sim box or the button box ???  picture insert failed as I don't know how Sad probably simple some guidance necessary ? Videx button module is a 4845 and the speaker module is a 4837-0 and cant find anything on the SIM BOX The manuals say everything apart from reset without the password 

Hello all

Managed to solve this one as follows 

Power down system then hold the red reset button down and power system back up hold down for six seconds and release 

This resets the password back to factory setting but keeps tel numbers 

You then have to hide your tel no if it is on the list by dialing 141 then the SIM number you will hear a single tone and that's you back in programming mode simples ??? 

Took me while but got it in the end

Thanks for the info.


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