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LM650EV and MyQ
I have bought a home with a Liftmaster LM650 roller control, I called Easygate and discussed whether its  possible to add an internet based control. I was told I needed a MyQ 828EV internet gateway which I have purchased but I have tried everything and I cannot get it to communicate with the door controller What am I doing wrong?

Hope you are well. First and foremost, as this system works on Wi-Fi, check you have Wi-Fi signal at the gate. This may be the main issue. You can check if you have signal at the point of the gate by turning off mobile data and trying to stream a youtube video at the point of the gate. This should run smoothly and not buffer.

If the problem persists, contact easygates technical support, we will be able to assist over the phone further.

Best regards,
- Jamie

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