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DEA Geko - encoder connections
Just a quick question to try and understand the configuration of a new install at my home.

I had some new aluminium gates recently installed and decided to get a motorised system at the same time.

So far I've had nothing but trouble with the local installer and have lost confidence and trust in them. I'm now at the point of paying a 3rd party expert to carry out a review of the install, but I would like to improve my basic understanding of how the modern systems should function.

My driveway did have a motorised system many years ago and there are existing cables in a conduit between the two gate posts (10 wires and an earth).

I have been working away and I've only just had a chance to look at the install today. The first thing that I didn't expect was to find that the three encoder wires on the right hand "slave" motor were not connected.
Can I ask if that is normal?

Oh, and they didn't want to bother fitting the safety sensors, and the motor earths were left unconnected!

I have looked at the wiring PDF for this specific swing gate system (DEA Geko) and it doesn't indicate that the encoder connections, safety sensors, and earth connections are not essential. Thx in advance.

And after the last few cold days the motors sometimes block, get out of sync, travel too far, and even hit each other.

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