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63A RCD keeps tripping - hot weather
Hi, I have a BFT Phobos single leaf opener controlled by a Rigel 5 with a Videx GSM intercom system, magnet latch & 2 x photocells. Recently been having issues in which the RCD (CHINT 2PL 63A, 30mA) keeps tripping out, it seems to be related to the warm weather the UK is currently experiencing as it operates perfectly in the morning and late evening. I think I've ruled out that the motor and magnet aren't causes as the RCD will trip either when the gate latches back onto the magnet, or within the last 2ft of closing. Photocells are clean and dry, along with the Rigel 5 enclosure. 

The consumer unit containing the affected RCD is fitted in a polytunnel... which will easily hit 45degC on a hot day. Before I get sparky out to take a look, what's the likelihood that the high temps and humidity is causing the RCD to trip?

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