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Beninca BOB21m Photo cell issue
Hi All,

I have just  set up my Beninca BOB21m system, Parameters need to be set Manually in the Brainy control unit. Manual is a bit all over the place but i got there.

The issue i am having is with the Photocells. They have been wired up for Close Protection only but do not function as intended.
Receiver has Power, Transmitter does not- which is logical as it is on a switched terminal see below. 

I am fairly sure it must be a Parmeter or a Logic that needs changed but for the life of me i can not figure out what. i tried activating TSt2 and i get an Err 5 alarm . Anyone familiar with these Brainy control units that can offer some assistance. Wiring is correct as per below i have checked it a dozen times. nay pointers would be appreciated
Picture attached now as i wont let me paste it onto the thread

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