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Proteco Aster 3 ram fault
This ram was buzzing and not moving, and replacing the capacitor made no difference.  There is continuity from the grey common wire to the brown, but no continuity from grey to black. Pushing and bending the travelling cable makes no difference, so my diagnosis is an open circuit motor winding.

This job is a favour for an elderly lady neighbour, so I won't be charging for my time, and want to keep her costs down. Can anyone please point me in the right direction for a cheap replacement 300mm stroke left hand ram? A used one would be fine, and would match the rest of the double gate system which is about 10 yrs old and looks it.

No replies! Before ordering a new ram I decided to get stuck in and find out why one motor winding was open circuit. I used an angle grinder to make two openings in the bottom end of the motor housing, then drove out the stator assembly by alternate whacks with a hammer and nail punch.  Once apart, a burn spot was visible on the bottom end where the winding had burnt out. After some dissection, I could see that the arc had vaporised wires leaving 6 loose ends, so it was not surprising that the winding was reading as not connected. After some precision soldering under magnification and trying different permutations of the 6 to give equal resistance (about 75 ohms) for each winding, it is now re-connected, the motor is reassembled, and the ram is working properly and back on the gates. 

I took the attached photos of some steps of the process. 


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