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IT4WIFI Homekit Issue

I have a IT4WIFI bought from yourselves, its installed and configured to work via Homekit, everything has been fine for at least a month, we had a recent powercut and ever since the IT4WIFI hasnt been working ..

Ive tried a full reset, reconnect to Apple Homekit, the device is configured and shows up in the Home IOS App, unfortunately i'm not able to open or close via the App or complete any automations.

Ive also tried configuring via the NICE Automation HK App and the NICE Automation App, both Apps find the device, add it to the network and I cant do any actions such as Open / Close / Stop ..

The lights on the device are as follows

After Initial configuration

LED1 Flashes Green
LED2 Steady Green
LED3 Steady Green

The manual suggests that the device is looking for the automation ..

Quote:The Accessory is searching for the automation associated with it

After about 15 mins

LED1 Steady Red
LED2 Steady Green
LED 3 Steady Green

From the manual ...

Quote:Problem: the Accessory has not found the automation associated with it
: if present, try to install the Accessory on another Gate&Door automation. If the problem reoccurs, replace the cable. If the problem persists, the Accessory or Central unit is dam-aged

Details :
  • The device has worked for months
  • Stopped working after a power cut
  • WIFI Network has not changed
  • Cable has not changed
  • The device is powered from the MC824H Control Unit, it connects and never loses connection
  • The device can be configured in IOS Home, NICE Automation HK & NICE Automation IOS Apps
  • The device can be seen and controlled from any App, but pressing Open, Close or Stop has no effect ..
I'm clearly missing something, physically the connection seems ok, WIFI is working, its almost like the connection to the MC824H has stopped working ?

Any help would be appreciated, worst case I guess a warranty swapout ?


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