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Gate wont close issue
Hi all, I have had a good read of a lot of threads on here and can’t see the to find my exact issue.

I have a sliding electric gate (BFT Deimos Ultra BT A 600) and after opening it this morning it now wont close.

The LCD on the PCB displays Phcl  which from looking at manual is PHOT CL closing photocell input activated.
It is raining outside and I’m wondering if this has caused the issue with ingress causing a problem with one of the photocells.

I am a bit new to the diagnostics of these issues so any help would be appreciated.

There are two sensors on the sliding gate which align when open/close with a sensor on the ground unit.
There are two static photocell sensors on either wall of the gate entry which I’m assuming is the safety beam aspect.

Is the Phcl error to do with the ones on the wall?

Hope you can help.
Turns out I solved this myself in the end.
It was the battery in the photocell TX/RX module on the wall. Just needed a new 3V battery (size C2).

Figured I’d leave the post here just incase it helps anyone else with similar situation.

Apologies if basic user error for most people.

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