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No movement at all
Hi All, all of a sudden I am not getting any movement in the automatic gates.  I have a Mindy A6f control board working two nice Hyppo motors.  Power is going into the control board.  The ok button is flashing as normal, of the 4 LEDs on the bottom right, the first is off And the next three are on.  There is some roadworks going on outside my drive and we have recent storms but I am not sure if it has had an issue.

You should see that the first 3 LEDS are on and the 4th is only on when a wired input connection commands the gate (I.E. open, stop and close). If you have connections going into terminals 23 and 25, you will need to check these. This is the emergency stop input, this input will need a closed circuit to allow the gate to function. On the 4th L.E.D, the step by step or P.P. input, this input should have an open circuit, if the LED is on there is a closed circuit and this could be 'holding' a close input on the gates. These two connections will need to be investigated for any shorts or breaks in cabling which could be causing your issue.

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