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Programming the Remote Controller

Does any one know how to configure a remote controller if you have another controller working properly?

Hi, You need to specify more information on the garage door opener you have, as all garage door openers program the remotes in slightly different. If you give us the make and model of the garage door opener or remotes then we will be able to give you the programming instructions.

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Please provide more details of your system.

Some are configured by DIP switches
I think you gonna follow this steps...

1. Always begin with a new battery in the handheld transmitter. If you're not sure how old the battery is, go ahead and replace it.
2. Turn the key to the accessory ("ACC") position before you begin programming the garage door opener.
3. For a first-time programming (or if you think the garage door opener has been previously programmed), press the two outer buttons on the transmitter for about 20 seconds, until the light starts flashing.
4. On the transmitter, hold the button to be programmed down until it begins flashing slowly (20-30 seconds). Keep holding the button down for the next step.
5. Grab the handheld transmitter in your other hand and point it toward the flashing light from about 2 inches away. Press the operating button on the handheld unit. Once the light starts flashing faster, the frequency has been entered into the HomeLink transmitter. Release both buttons.
6. This step is easiest with a helper. You will need a ladder and, quite possibly, a flashlight. On the garage door opener receiver (i.e., the motor, located inside the garage), press the training button (also called a "smart" or "learn" button). The button may not be labeled, but it will have a small light next to it that flashes when the button is pressed. (Note, if the indicator light stays on continuously, the programming is complete and the garage door opener should function.)

If the indicator light flashes (or if it flashes briefly before becoming continuously lit), you have 30 seconds to perform the following step (which is why this goes quicker with a helper).
7. In the car, with the key still turned to ACC, press the button you programmed earlier on the in-car transmitter for three seconds. Remove your finger from the button, then press again for another three seconds. If the garage door hasn't moved yet, press the button for another three seconds. Once the door moves, the garage door opener has been programmed.

oakton garage door

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