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Hi AllĀ 
I am new to the forum and hoping that someone can help me with a weird problem with my apritech mach 2 box. The system has been working fine for several years and has been almost totally reliable.

Recently the remotes stopped working at random times and the only way to get them working was to reprogramme all the remotes, whereupon they would work fine,until the next time.

I also have a push button hidden in the bottom of the box which is connected across the switching terminals and again has been working fine since installation.
Today i realised that if someone used the pushbutton and left the gates open this would cause the problem.

I cannot see for the life of me why this should be but today my wife walked down the driveĀ and let herself out on foot using the hidden button. the remotes then stopped working and needed reprogramming before being back to normal.

Any thoughts are more than welcome.

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