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BFT Sub R Capacitor Replacement

I moved into a new house in June last year which has a set of BFT Sub R gate drivers installed. The controller unit was some sort of home made controller made of lots of relays and logic gates. The gates werent in working order and I have decided to replace the ancient and dodgy looking controller. Before I bought the controller I wanted to test the gates. I wired up a small test rig that I could plug in to the mains to test applying power to the drivers (manually replicating what the controller does). One gate worked fine and the other didnt, so I parked it with a view coming back to it later. In the mean time I had the Consumer Unit in the house replaced with a new one.

I have then gone back to the faulty gate and topped up the hydrolic oil and bled the gates. The gate would now move, but it was doing some slightly strange behaviour, in terms of it was inconsistent which live input would open and which would close the gates. The also wouldnt always start straight away. I tested the first gate and this was now displaying the same behaviour. My assumption is that the new Consumer Unit is limiting the power drawn by the gates and the start capacitors are shot.

I have ordered some new capacitors, but I cant find where the capacitors are located. 

Can anyone tell me whether they are located inside the motors or whether they are usually installed separately with the controller?

Looking online I cant see that they are supplied with capacitors, and the new Rigel 6 controller I have does not seem to have any either.


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