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BFT Submotor fault
        Good evening

I live in an apartment complex with automatic gates fro  BFT. One of the gates has developed a great degree of sloppiness in operation  and I deduced the hydraulic fluid needed topping up. Because of the problems this was causing someone turned the gates off. 

I obtained some LIC10 hydraulic oil and went to top up the motor, but when I switched the system back on they wouldn't even try to close. Looking at the control panel the system would try to operate but the same message would flash up when it tried and the process would abort. I can't see how to post a photo of the display but the message was SLo1, which appears to be the "gate open" switch. 

Does this mean the switch is stuck? Can I free it off? Is it in the motor unit? 

How do I top up the fluid? Is it a case of adding drops and cycling the gates?

Any help greatly appreciated. I'm a motor mechanic by trade and so am using basic mechanical knowledge. A company is trying to charge us thousands for replacing the whole system complete. 



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