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Daitem intercom not working

I have a Diatem intercom keypad with single call button, coupled to a NICE gate opener, the keypad starting flashing repeatedly and then stopped working.
the internal intercom will open the gates, and the nice fobs will also open the gates, but the key pad didnt do anything at all.

I changed the battery in the external controller and this allows the keypad to open the gate and call the internal handset - but it wont beep or light up?

any ideas.... ?

Thank you in adavance
I’ve had exactly the same issue, the problem I had was that the keypad was wet after heavy rain. I had to take mine apart (carefully!) and dry it with a hairdryer.
I then left it in a warm place to dry out thoroughly for about 6 hours.
I put it back together and it now works perfectly!

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