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Recommended underground 140 degree kit
Hi,So I'm looking at installing an underground kit and will  need it to be 140 degree or may be even180 degree due to access.Its on a metal gate.Pillars will be roughly five foot high ,OPE about 14 feet.The question I have is are there certain makes better at kits that go past the standard 90 degrees,I was looking at the faac 770n but would appreciate recommendations on best most reliable kits, also is it essential I go with encoders ,is their safety obstruction features on kits boards that don't have encoders?can encoders be on 24v and 220v motors,was looking at the24v supply in case of power failure but again  trying to weigh up the options reasons,as you can always manual release,When  installing the 140 degree box does this go beside on the inside of the OPE as normal or behind the pillar because they are a 140 opening and then does the gate have to be mounted at the back edge of the pillar I assume.
HI, Yes there is most certainly kits that exceed 90 Degree openings.

i would suggest looking at the SUB324K with the SUB180 Linkage arm to allow for a larger degree of opening.

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