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BFT C130 Photocell Issue
Hi chaps. Newbie here.

I've got a very old BFT Phobos BT system (24v) which was put in around 2006.

One of the photocells got damaged a few years ago whilst we had some building work done so it's been dormant for quite some time.
I re-connected it up last weekend for the first time in 3 years and was amazed to see it working - despite one of the photocells being smashed to pieces and god knows how many cobwebs in the control panel !!

I bought a couple of new BFT COMPACTA Photocells today, and despite wiring them exactly the same it failed to work.
It says the DESME is the direct replacment to the C130, but BFT seemed to think the COMPACTA's would be fine. I guess not.

Are they different or do they require programming?
I can't access the menu on the control panel as it seems to be dead!

PS: Just put the old smashed up C130's back on and they work ok. I just can't leave them on due to the amount of exposed wires.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks chaps.

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