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Gate not closing
Configuration: Double gate, remote control open gate input, exit open gate switch, intercom open gate contact, induction loop to open gate

After years of normal operation the gate was opened with a remote control and stayed open, refusing to close (it is programmed to close after 10 seconds or so). The photocells clicked OK. Eventually it *closed* after a car went over the induction loop and then operated normally from then on.

Does the controller maybe have a "keep gate open" functionality such as double press on the remote or press the remote for X seconds, which activates the keeping of the gate in an open position? (BTW, that would be a very useful function if it does not have it).

I tried powering the system off and on several times while the gate was open and refusing to close - no effect.
To help with your query we would need to know the specific panel or kit you have. Some panels when having a double activation such as a remote activation then loop activation (when drove over) before the gates have fully opened this can send a stop signal to the gates and override the automatic closure.
The panel would need the 'apartment block' or 'condominium' mode set to ignore the double activation and function on open-close-open-close only. So when the gate is in travel no stop command is given to the motors.

I hope this helps

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