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Faac s800h
Hello I have a Faac double s800h swing gate . I’ve done the encoder update and installed a new control board plus faac photocells. I’ve opened the gates half way and placed system into its manually learning mode. Gate runs through the motions, once learning has completed it clicks out of the set up mode and the gate waits out the pause time and shuts. Now when I’m attempting to use the remote to open the gate, it clicks on the receiver and the control board open led lights up but gate does not open or even move at all. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or some  how my wiring isn’t correct. But Board doesn’t throw any errors and led system lights all show it’s good. I’m lost at this point and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you using 24 volt system or 240
What panel face e145 or e124
If it’s the latest version then you don’t do a set up from halfway

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