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Hello there fiends.
I just bought a house and for the first time it has electric opening gates. Everything worked fine till we had a big storm.
the storm blew one of the gates off and one of the BFT actuators broke off.
No worries i called the maintenance company and they would fix it within a week.
you see i have 3 dogs and with half the gate open i wouldn't want them to run into the street or have them stolen.
2 weeks later the maintenance was still not done... so called them again....
now 4 weeks went by and still broken.
So i called another company.
We will be there on monday they said.... monday ....nobody there....duh so called them again.
ok sorry next week this joke went on and after 8 weeks my gate was still broken.
even called BFT benelux and mailed them to ask where i could find a BFT dealer that repairs the gates.
Even they did not respond.  DUH !!
so i took matters in my own hands went online and ordered the cheapest BFT lux 2 that i could find. that was in italy.
it arrived and 2 hours later it was installed....
BUT month later there was another storm and the same thing happend again.
so i ordered one again... repaired the gate.
I didn't want this to happen a 3th time so i looked up if i could find something to lock the gate in place so the wind wouldn't brake it again.
so i found this forum and did a lot of reading.
thanks for all the info and i will be asking loads of questions sooner or later...LOL

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