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BFT Rigel 5--how to set swing gate slow close at end ?
BFT Rigel 5 with with two electromechanical operators Swinging gate inherited from the previous home owner, left no clue of what it is  or what so ever. 

I suppose this is called End-of-run speed slow-down? Basically it used to slow down a lot just before both gate reaching the fully closed position, and make a gently touch to close completely. 

Here is how is started, initially the one the gate ( Motor1) begin to close slower than it used to be, and this causes the other gate (Motor 2) to reach the fully stop position earlier. 

I thought the simple solution was to increase the Leaf 2 closing delay time, however, at preset menu, I set whole thing to Automatic operation,which must changed all the other parameters and logic to Ar. 

Just wondering if anyone can shade some light on how to prevent gates from slamming during closing process? 

There are seems to be "Slow down time", Braking, and some other setting to change in Logic menu, 

I am positive that the gate used to behave like they have braking action when they were about getting to the Fully closed position. 

Much Appreciated if anyone can pointing some right directions, as the door would bang at the ground anchor stopper as they missed the slow-down effect. 

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