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Daspi photocells and receiver

I bought (second hand) Daspi gate opener without the connecting diagram and now can not be sure how to put all that wires.
I put the opener in operation and it works fine but with  short connected photocells pins.
At last I managed to connect the receiver myself. It was success.
I would like now to install the photocells which pictures are attached below.
Does enybody know how to connect this parts to the main board as they do not have any marks on itself?

I would be grateful on any help.

[Image: d2.png]

[Image: dxy.jpg]

Do you have a model number for these photocells as i am unable to find anything on these.

you would be right in the wiring from the - and the 24+ from the RX to the TX but as for the Normally open contacts i am unsure if you can shed some light on the model of photocell i may be able to help further.

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