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FAAC 402
Hi. I have a faac system with 402 motors. It's been trouble free for over 15 years. Yesterday it started playing up on one side ( the gate that closes first). It goes out of sequence, and when it hits the 'gate closed' stop it immediately opens again. It always  stops on the gate open stop. ( Gates set to open with press of of remote then remain open,  and close with another press of remote).
If I hold  the problem gate closed and  wait for the locking gate to close, the motors time out and it sits there closed. When I press open, the 'problem gate' immediately tries to open. It then quickly goes into close ( because the locking gate hadn't quite opened yet) then into open, and stops on the 'open' stop.
With both gates open they sometimes close together ( but the problem gate tries to open again - the locking gate holds it closed).
Sometimes the problem gate doesn't close at first press and we have one  remaining opening as the other closes!
Any ideas welcomed!
Then we get one opening as the other closes. I have to hold one closed to try and get the sequence back..

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