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BFT QBO Touch + in parallel Mitto

We have 4 different BFT devices in use:
- a BFT gate receiver (type unknown)
- a BFT Clonix 4 garage door opener receiver
- wireless Mitto 4 transmitting devices
- a QBO Touch digit pad

We want to control both receiver with both devices:
- gate receiver with Mitto and QBO Touch transmitters (both working fine)
- Clonix 2 garage door opener receiver with Mitto (working ok) 
and with QBO Touch digit control pad transmitter (not working)

Can you tell me how I can add the QBO Touch to control the Clonix BFT receiver?
Is there some way that I can let the QBO Touch mimic the wireless code of the Mitto?
Or do I need to link the QBO Touch to another free port on the Clonix?

I have checked the manuals of the Clonix and the QBO Touch, but these only confuse me more. 

Any help is welcome. 



Try watching this Youtube video. It explains it quite well.

Hope this helps
Did you manage to sort it out

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