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Came ZA3 Delta 3 and ATI 5000
Dear all 

hope someone can help 

we had a post changed and a problem with cables, we have sussed out the power and opening and closing. But now we need to sort the Photocells 

we are using Came Delta E one side has 2 terminals ill call that the slave and the other has 5 10/11/No/C/Nc

I need help on where this wiring goes back to Panel, the panel we are using is a ZA3 Panel and the right dip switch configuration on the board its self. 

Its urgent if anyone can guide us. 

Its my elderly father house and he has dementia and often wonders and if gates are not working right he will be off but as he knows there are not working correctly he is ringing me 6 times a day and is driving me mad. 

please help

photocells 24 volts 10 (+) 11 (-)
c - com
no - relay normal open
nc - relay normal close

za3 panel
10 and 11 24 volts power output for photocells
2 and c1 ( 2 conect with com(photo) and c1 conect nc(photo)

and after check carefully if gates work properly when you cover photocel during closing time gate have to ( stop/open)
Best Regards 
hi tom

the terminal on the rx photo cell has the 3 extra connections but you only use the two if im working this out right The NC and C connections go to 2 and C1 on the panel. tried this still nothing im missing something just cant work it out

probably you left open one photocell input on ZA3 panel
za3 panel has two inputs for photocells . all empty nc inputs have to be bridged with com (2)

2-c1 photo nc
2-cx photo nc
2-1 stop nc
Best Regards 
if i didnt do this gate would stya open wouldnt it

it opens and closes ok but if you walk over sensor gate keeps going

could you draw up diagram if you get time please mate

we also have a intercom with gate release where does the wires for that go on the ZA 3 panel

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