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BFT Rigel 4 receiver signal problem
Hi, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a Rigel 4 with RE01 receiver. Worked fine for 15 years and now suddenly key fob will only work if I go within 1m of control box. So far I have tried;

1) Change key fob battery
2) Try 2nd fob
3) Change aerial (seemed the most likely source of the problem)

Still same problem - neither better nor worse.
I am reasonably knowledgeable about electronics - but not about these control units.

Where should I look next? 
Receiver board? Can you even still get these REO1 boards?

The whole control / receiver board looks in great condition.
Any suggestions welcomed.

Many thanks,
Ok quick update - as someone else may have this issue -

before replacing plug-in receiver with new generation (and transmitters) at some expense - I decided to try and see if it was just the plug in board connection that had tarnished over time (16 years old). Well removing and reseating the receiver board did indeed fix the problem. Now which joint got remade in the process is anyone's guess - it could have just been a solder joint that got remade. But its all working, transmitter range back to 30m rather than 1m ! Hope that helps someone.

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