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First Steps
I am just beginning to consider installing gates at the entrance to my drive. In time I will select a supplier and et a survey done but I want first to investigate the feasibility. My objectives are to make my driveway/area outside my double garage more secure, primarily for my grandchildren and my 2 dogs. The road outside the driveway is only a narrow lane but has no reduced speed limit, is at the bottom of a hill and regularly used by huge tractors and trailers.

My driveway entrance is over 5 metres wide between brick pillars. My neighbour has right of way over the drive so any gate system would be shared.

My intention is have fully automated gates.

1. SLOPE: My first problem is that the entrance between the pillars drop 210mm from left to right ( looking from outside the property) but I do not want gaps under the gates that a small dog could get under. How do I address that? The drive also slopes down away from the gate opening inwards if that helps.

2. DRIVE IN REVERSE OUT: This may be a naïve question but would there be a problem with reversing out through an auto gate? My neighbour can only reverse out from his parking spaces in front of his double garage.

3. Based on my investigations so far I believe a combination of a pedestrian gate of c 1100mm ( on the right looking from outside)  and a single vehicle gate of c 3600, possibly with an additional post between them....opening into the property, might be the best solution in terms of avoiding obstruction on the drive. The large single gate would open against a hedge which borders the entire right hand side of the drive. Any alternative suggestions?

Once I am clear on a potential solution I will discuss it with my neighbour to gain his approval and thoughts.
I think that the best way is to arrange meeting with automatic gate specialist at your home.
you have wrote plenty of informations but that is not enough to get proper answer
focus yourself for looking for great and responsible gate specialist !
Best Regards 

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