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Setting up initial gate operation
re: Model:  BFT Thalia P ...  Electronics for Gates
We have a problem with our recently installed wooden gates. Can anyone offer a solution ?
Since (recent) installation, our gates have not closed properly and jammed several times. 
I’ve followed the Manual but really need step-by-step instructions on how it’s done as currently I can’t get the gates to operate properly. Am I right in thinking that part of the problem may be that the limit switches have not been set ?.
On this particular model I think you need to start by getting the gates in the closed position first. Then one needs to go into the electronics and work through the set up program until one needs to press one of the setup buttons repeatedly to get the gate to move incrementally until the gate arrives at its fully open position and then set the limit switch according to the manual. Then you need to drive the motor back into its closed position and set the closed limit switch also according to the manual. My question is:  Is this the correct procedure ?   Grateful for any help as this is driving us to distraction …

Would you be able to confirm which type of motors you are using? It sounds as the the motor is having trouble operating and has not been aligned correctly. If they are ram/arm style openers the correct effective geometry needs to be achieved. If this is not achieved extra strain will be on the motors causing the jamming and operation issues.
Thank you Ryan.
Sorry for my late reply. I have had problems logging in and it took a while to sort it out. I have managed to get the gates to work, but while trying to set the limit switches I manage to jam one of the gates. Although I have freed the gate the electronic now shows the fault: ko.My understanding is that the electronic needs to be reset to the factory setting. I have tried to reset it according to manual but have not been successful so far.What do I do wrong?
Regards Hans

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