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can/should i top up hydraulic ram oil?
can anyone suggest the best way forward for us?

gates have been fine for five years, hydraulic, operated by fobs only.  

one of the rams has a weep of oil, so now in the very hottest of weather ( a few days last year, but considerably more now) one of them doesn't open, so we leave them in a open state.

the ram which is broken has a label ontop saying 'linkcare'.  model 65-H353AF19.  The other one is a different brand.

below the locked/emergency opening cap, I have a metal hexagaonal type cap.  i've unscrewed that off, and below are two threaded, screw top things ( like a really large grub screw?) one of these going to be where i open and top up oil?    how do i know which one?

other questions...if i can't top up oil...

-is it entirely possible to switch from hydralic to cheaper electro-mechanical on both sides?    i ask because one guy has said they don't fix hydraulic.....and priced a new pair at £2500 incl vat and fitted.  i understand elec-mech are cheaper. however i can see the ram on the other side is a DEA and still available to buy £486 delivered for one.

-how best to find an engineer in my area?

any help or pointers greatfully received.  thanks in advance.

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