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Help needed
Hi All, 

I'm Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

The story so far

A friend acquired a BFT rigel 5 and two hydraulic bft arms from a job (he is a electrician) he was involved with. 

The equipment was being replaced with underground units hence it became surplus to requirements which was my gain!

So I have attached the arms to my gates and my mate has done the 240v electric connections all good so far.

The panel lights up and I have successfully programmed the remotes which display the open command on the lcd when pushed but the gates don't move.

The gates open and close perfectly when you use the open button on the pedestrian release button which is wired to the jumpers(can't remember which numbers now).

Has anyone got any ideas or pictures of which jumpers need connecting and to which terminals etc etc.

thanks in advance for advice.

Or is there any gate experts who could sort it for me? I'm in the south cambridge area CB22

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