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BFT Ares 1000 photo issue
Hi all, 
I'm new to this forum so please go easy!

I have a sliding gate powered by an Ares 1000 with 2 sets of BFT A.15 photo cells.

The install is about 3 years old and all worked fine until a few weeks ago when the gate would open on either keypad or keyfobs but wouldn't close.
looked inside the motor housing and display showed 'Photo'
If left alone the gate would sometimes close after about 15 mins.
Sometimes worked, sometimes didn't

I could see that one set of photo cells wasn't working (clicking when broken) and have now replaced them.

Reprogrammed and all working but the display still shows 'Photo' when gate is closed.

Both keypad and fobs work fine as does the gate but does this mean there is a different problem or should I just leave it working and not worry?

Any advice appreciated.

Fixed it.

Found an online manual

Went into 'Logic' menu and set 'photo test' to OFF, it was ON for some reason?

All good, until next time.

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