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Thalia P issues
So I've been asked by a long term client to look after minor repairs to some electric gates they have on a private car park, the units are all Thalia P base stations with a selection of different motor/ram units.

Over bank holiday weekend someone attempted/did force their way into the carpark, damaging one of the gates in the process- the bracket attaching the ram to the gate had been ripped/twisted open causing the ram to come off and the maglock had been damaged. My client has had his engineer/blacksmith repair the actual structure of the gate and I've replaced the maglock, both of which seem to be functioning OK.

We still seem to be having a number of problems however, the display in the panel shows what looks like 'phol' which I assume is in fact 'phot' indicating a photocell fault, however both the sets of photocells are clean, relays are clicking and contacts seem to be switching voltage on and off when beam is broken.

The gate will occasionally open when a car drives onto the buried loop and then will remain open
It will occasionally close when the button is pressed.

When trying to run the setup procedure under the LSW ADJ option the display reads 'manual movement' rather than 'opn' as usual, it will allow me to open and close the gate using + and - but nothing happens when I press 'ok'

When I try to run an autotest sometimes the gate will run the open test and stop, sometimes it tries to run a test and nothing happens.

system is set up as an 'exit only' gate, there is a buried loop, a pair of photocells, an 'open' button and a break glass override inside, a pair of photocells just outside the gate along with a loop, a card reader and a crescent switch outside.

Any bright ideas?
did you switch the power off when blacksmith doing his welding job ?
Best Regards 
I *think* he didn't weld it, I think he bent the bracket back into shape and replaced bolts and pins, I wasn't actually there at the time that was all arranged separately by my client, I'll find out though.
ok fine .
first check all connections , open all photocells as well .
if that will not help just close input signal from photocells .you can make this in photocell terminal just close NC with COM for testig piriod only !!!
Best Regards 
Thanks Tom, will give that a go and report back! Incidentally I spoke to my client yesterday and he tells me that the system was switched off when the blacksmith worked on it and there wasn't any welding done.

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