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hi everyone, just joined, Sparky in need of help
I'm on a gate install that is testing my limits Sad,
Any guidance would be extremely helpful thanks.
Electric gates are powered by hy-dom linear operators, Control unit is GBD F4 Plus.
In the control unit it is all straight forward to the eye, with everything numbered etc. for connections of 230v, photocells, emergency stop button etc. Each operator  requires 4-cores- common, motor open, motor closed and earth, these are clearly printed in electrical connection box.
Also for each operator there is a capacitor with 2 prongs that have 4 potential connections with a spade connector.
My question is where do i connect the capacitor  ? motor open, motor closed of each operator cable ? i would of thought the common on the motor has no interruption so that would not need to go through the capacitor. Also where does the operator get its neutral from ? or am i totally going about this install the wrong way ? the capacitors are not pre-wired so its slightly testing me this one. 
Any help or guidance greatly appreciated thank-you

Thank you for your enquiry, the capacitor on any 230v system will have to be wired into the motor live terminals (terminals 1 and 3 for motor one and 4 and 6 for motor two for the F4 board) With regards to the neutral connections they will be 2 for motor one and 5 for motor two. Hope this answers your questions and if not feel free to contact us.
Kind regards

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