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BFT Rigel 4 with BFT Sub
Hi there,

I am trying to get my gates in a functional state. They've been sat idle for a good 5 years. Now I'm pretty new to Gate automation, so any help would be great! 

I have M1 and M2 working but I am failing at solving how to adjust the run time on the gates? M2 runs and stops where I would like but M1 over runs. I am only getting them to open and close via turning the power on and off. I have replaced the oil in both but its the operation of the gates is what I am struggling with.

Any help would be great!

Thankyou in advance!

Thank you for your enquiry, if you let use know what system you are using (Manufacture name and model number of motors and control board) then we can send you a manual on how to adjust the programming setting on the board.
Kind regards

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