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Humming noise from BX74 or 78
Hi all

I am just a consumer who had this gate installed, can;t work out which one exactly i have but managed to find a PDF file online that gives me access to the diagram / switches etc.

Cut the long story short, I experienced a little issue shortly after xmas with the gate not able to shut fully from time to time, as in lack of power. Didn;t know anything about electric gates (tho I am failrly technically minded as i fix my own car and light electrics) I decided to get someone  local who is a CAME installer. So as expected i got robbed £120 for moving the torque limiter from position 1 to 4, which I thought was quite expensive.

The shutting problem was solved but i noticed after a month or so the motor is considerably nosier when closing, so today I moved the torque from 4 to 2 which works fine and its much quieter since its not putting as much power to the motor.

However upon a closer inspection (which this problem might have been there before but I did not notice) is when closing the gate, if it stops by itself reaching the end, the motor still hums and vibrates a little for a few minutes ( as if it is on a stand by mode or something) before it completely goes quiet, as you can appreciate the motor is outdoor with road noisey so it will not noticeable unless you come close to the gate or put the hand on the box to feel the vibration, but if you stop it by the remote, this humming noise will not occur.

I wonder if this is normal or needed attention.

Any advise is appreciated. 



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