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ML850 no longer operates
The initial symptom was that after opening, the garage door opener light would flash on and off 5 times. Activating the remote control would then lead to it closing the door.

This slowly changed so that it did not quite open all the way, but enough, before flashing the light - however activating the remote control would then result in it trying to move up slightly, indicating that it had not managed to open it all the way originally.

Now it does not move, vibrate or hum at all, up or down.  The light illuminates and I can hear the motor relay click on for a couple of seconds and then off, but there is no movement, vibration or hum whatsoever form the garage door opener.  The tiny led flashes 5 times in a row, pauses, and then repeats.

Do you know what the fix might be - eg logic board or capacitor for this symptom of slow degradation over a period of a month? It seems to me that neither logic boards nor capacitors are available for this model though.

Thank you for your enquiry, the 5 flash error code refers to a problem with the RPM sensor. It would be hard to say what has caused this without seeing pictures of the system and the problem with the ML850 is that as it is a discontinued operator there aren't many replacement parts left. It would more than likely be a replacement kit you would need as we don't have any stock left of the logic boards and rpm sensors. I will post a link below showing you the operators on our website.

Kind regards

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