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Bft gates (im not technical)
Evening all.

I found this forum through a search and am hoping you will be able to help me.

I have a set of bft gates which will not open or close.  Having done some reading I think it could be a photocell not working.

My question is that should all photocells click when the beam is broken?  The ones infront of the gates do, but at the back do not.

Any help.would be greatly appreciated


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your enquiry, the click that can be heard when a photocell beam has been broken is a relay that changes from N/O to closed or N/C to open. If the second set of photocells aren't doing this then i would advise you to check the photocells are correctly aligned, then check the voltage to the photocells then a continuity test of the cabling being used back to the control board. In past experiance i would of thought it will be aliment or voltage issue. If this still doesn't fix the problem feel free to contact us again.

Kind Regards

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