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Photocells constantly tripping in opening phase (Proteco Q36A)
Hi all,

Proteco Shark motors, double leaf gate, Q36A board...

Big snow on Wednesday morning last week. Gates refused to open. Discovered that the photocells were constantly tripping. Opened the box and checked the board and that only confirmed what I was hearing from the photocells. The error is "tA" and is described in the manual as "opening phase photocell beam interrupted or wiring fault'.

There is nothing interfering with the beam, no frost or dirt on the 'lens'

Any ideas on what the issue could be or how to resolve?

I tried to unwire the photcells from the board but while I could unwire terminal block 2a without issue, I couldn't for the life of me get the wires out of the terminal block 2b. Any ideas on that either?

See my other thread on proteco tx312 remotes too as I've unrelated issues there as well Smile

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