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Diagnosis LED on CB124EV
Please can anyone help we have the CB124EV and we bought a new remote and tried to program it but have been unable to get it to work and the remotes that were working are now not working!

We have noticed that the DGN light is on so are assuming that is why none of the remotes aren't working? We aren't sure what we have done wrong though.

The DGN light is flashing 8 times which the instructions show that photocells 2 block installation. The problem is we only have one pair of photocells and the PHO1 LED is on?

Any advice would be appreciated

The system seems to think a secondary set of photocells are installed, i would advise carrying out the search for limits. I have created a simple PDF of this for you to follow. Please see the link below.
Kindest Regards,

Tel: ‭01384 569 942
Hi there having a similar problem getting 8 blinks but have replaced the 2x photocells and reset gate limits and still won't respond to the remote control although I see the panel can see the signal coming in when the button is pushed.

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