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Bft Rigel 5 Gates - Sticking when opening
Could anyone give a pointer? Our (fairly old) gates have started getting stuck when you try to open them. It seems the leading gate doesn't move causing the following gate to jam behind it. You then have to spend about 45 seconds stopping, sending them back to fully closed, waiting, and then trying to open again. Sometimes it works, sometimes you have to do it again.

I think one of the motors might be a bit faulty, but when it works, it works perfectly so i'm not sure why it jams occasionally. I'd put the torque of the leading motor up as it wouldn't open all the way sometimes - however increasing that torque also made the jamming a lot more frequent too.

Any tips?
Have they been services regular?
Access Control Ltd
0800 5677032
I don't recall them ever being serviced unless something goes wrong.
May be thats what they need then?

Do they move freely when on manual opening?
Access Control Ltd
0800 5677032

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