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Photosell issue
I have had my single leaf WG20S working well for about 18months. Last week it stopped working. The flasher was indicating a photocell issue so I checked the lights within the photocell to find that on the inside circuit the transmitter was flashing 3 times with a second pause and the receiver constantly lit. I checked the wiring and went through the learning procedure 3 - 4 times, to no avail. Has anyone any ideas?

The 3 flashes on the photo cell is showing that the photocells are not recognized by the control unit. First check you have the jumpers on the photocells on the correct setting and they are connected correctly to the ESCbus, then try the learn connected devices by holding down the P2 button for three seconds and release. Failing this working, you will require replacing the photocells as they have most likely become faulty. This could be due to insect damage or water damage, shorting across the terminals.


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